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News — wearables

Fabrikk Joins Gok Wan's One Size Fits All Tour

We had the pleasure of joining the fabulous Gok Wan and his amazing team for the "One Size Fit's All" tour in October this year at the Three Rivers Golf Club in Essex and the Hilton Deansgate in Manchester.  The maestro himself is took to the road again on a personal challenge?  "To personally dress the nation and instil a sense of body confidence in women up and down the country"  We all joined Gok masterclass in fashion, style and insider secrets and exhibited in the Dream Space along side other independent fashion and beauty brands. The happy and predominantly  female audience enjoyed fizz, Brunch, a chance to win a makeover with the makeover maestro himself!  Q&A's with Gok, catwalk...
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The Fabrikk VELA LED Handbag - Our UK Manufacturing

The Vela handbag is produced here in the UK, we work closely with our manufacturing partners in Wales to ensure high quality and full transparency along our supply chain. We are passionate about working with and supporting local manufacturers and engineers in developing the electrical system and the handbags. It was also important for us to be able to easily communicate face to face in the development of the first samples. Looking back without this close communication it would have made explaining the new technology and ironing out issues a lot more difficult. I have always found face to face communication the most efficient and pleasurable way to work. From this, I have built a solid, professional and friendly relationship...
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The LED Handbag Project - From Concept to Prototype

I first considered using LED materials to line a bag whilst I was researching new materials and studying product design in Liverpool in 2011.  A few years later, the idea was still firmly in my mind – and I did a Masters in Product Design specifically to research the potential of using these illuminating materials, and how they could be incorporated into handbag designs. This study also helped me gain a better understanding of the handbag industry, and the processes involved in material and product manufacturing. With a strong focus on new materials, I was interested in finding a better alternative for the exterior of my bags – as opposed to the environmentally destructive – and cruel – option of...
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