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About Fabrikk


My name is Kate Pearson – I’m a product designer from Leeds.

Inspired by the emerging world of smart materials and wearable tech (and quite possibly the Star Wars   ‘Cantina’ scene!) Fabrikk was instigated back in 2013, following my passion for design, unique materials, and quality UK manufacturing.

Sourcing ethical materials along with ethical production practices were the only option when building the Fabrikk team. After 3 years of product development here in the UK, we’ve formed partnerships with like-minded suppliers and UK manufacturers to ensure high quality and transparency across our supply chain.

“Never try, never know” is one of our favorite quotes, as we strive to create a positive and forward-thinking community around our brand. We’re constantly up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in textile technology, to improve the functionality and environmental and social impact of our products and production techniques.

We understand that it’s our responsibility to become more and more sustainable as time goes by. Our mission is to constantly implement production methods which will help people and their local communities and to continue to find new ways to design and produce classic, functional, innovative, cruelty-free and long-lasting products.

At Fabrikk, we dare to be different and promise to be fair. Our commitments are to social and environmental responsibility, ethical practices, transparency, inclusiveness, honesty and continual learning.

Our flagship Vela handbag is made from an exciting new cruelty-free cork ‘leather’ and is the first handbag to debut an automated LED illuminating material inside – so say goodbye to rummaging for your keys in the dark! 

To complement our bags, we also produce a range of cork flat caps, baker boys and baseball caps all handmade in Yorkshire (home of the flat cap!) and a collection of small cork accessories; the minibag and the money pouch.

 To learn more about the Fabrikk Vela and our UK manufacturing process, watch our video's below.   


Fabrikk Vela LED Handbag - Video by Piers Van Looy @  www.vanloop.com 

The FABRIKK VELA UK manufacturing - Video by Rob Julian @ Capture Lab - http://www.thecapturelab.com/

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