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The Vela handbag is produced here in the UK, we work closely with our manufacturing partners in Wales to ensure high quality and full transparency along our supply chain.

We are passionate about working with and supporting local manufacturers and engineers in developing the electrical system and the handbags. It was also important for us to be able to easily communicate face to face in the development of the first samples.

Looking back without this close communication it would have made explaining the new technology and ironing out issues a lot more difficult. I have always found face to face communication the most efficient and pleasurable way to work. From this, I have built a solid, professional and friendly relationship with our partners in Wales.

 Feeling slightly nervous and really excited about our first ever manufacturing run, we went down to Wales with our friends at Capture Lab to film them in action! It was a full on day of filming and photography by the end of which I had our first bag over my shoulder and out of the door for sampling. It’s an unbeatable feeling to see a concept you have been working on for years come to real life and an amazing journey along the way.

The video photographs from that day below

Video by @ Capture Lab - http://www.thecapturelab.com/ 


Photography by @ Capture Lab - http://www.thecapturelab.com/ & Fabrikk


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