The Materials

LED Fiber Optic Materials

LED fibre-optic textiles are a brand new development; one of the amazing new materials that helped to inspire the birth of Fabrikk. Light travels through the light emitting fiber optic threads woven into the material creating an amazing light-up effect. These threads automatically switch on when the bag is open: illuminating it with a subtle glow to help you find your things in the dark.
3 AAA batteries in the Vela’s discreet battery pack will keep it powered for up to 6 months. And you can even change the colour of the illumination to suit your style with one of the attachments available from our online store. Our unique illuminating materials come from a reputable supplier in Italy.  
Please see the video Gif's below on how to access the battery pack and change over the LED attachments
Cork ‘Leather'
This cork-based material, ('cork leather' as we like to call it!) is made from thin shavings of bark, sustainably sourced from the cork oak tree. Our luxury cork 'leather' comes from reputable suppliers in Portugal and Italy. Cork leather is vegan-friendly, long lasting, versatile, and soft to touch. It’s also easy to clean and scratch-resistant, to help your bag stay looking brand new for longer. Finally, it’s pre-treated with the latest technology in waterproofing; LiquiProof™, to give our products the very best protection from liquids and oils.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
You can also see our UK manufacturing video below